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E/S Orcelle

The world’s first ever zero emission vessel concept- the E/S Orcelle. Conceptualized by Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics, marine architects and No Picnic. The vessel is to rely on wind, sun and wave energy to run itself not releasing any emissions into the environment and will require no oil or ballast water, thanks to the pentamaran design.

The Orcelle combines sustainable forms of energy captured through sails, solar panels and wave energy converters to generate the energy required by the vessel. This is then used to extract hydrogen from water with the aid of fuel cell technology. The result is a clean fuel with zero emissions from the vessel. The subsequent electricity generated, can also be used immediately or stored for times of no wind, sun or waves with the byproduct of heat and water.

Orcelle was created in order to stimulate research and development with relation to alternative resources and is now under further development.


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